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Using Medical Intuition, I Receive Insight by Tuning into your Energy and Body Systems to Identify Health Issues, Root Causes, and How to Address Them, Including Various Energy Healing Modalities.
Dealing with Mysterious or Chronic Health Issues?
With Expertise in Holistic Nutrition and Energy Healing,
I Can Help You Through Your Healing Journey.

Your Physical and Energetic Health is My Priority

Let's Get You on the Right Path Towards a Healthier Future!
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In advance of the initial consultation, please do not share anything about your health issues with me, as it can influence the reading.

All of my medical intuition sessions are done remotely and can be done for anyone around the world.

When your physical, emotional, or spiritual energy is out of balance, this can manifest into disease. There are various causes and sometimes it can be very difficult to pinpoint. With an intuitive ability to tune into your energy and body systems, I am able to identify and provide comprehensive details about your health issues and root causes, and determine the best approach to start taking steps towards regaining optimal health.

There are many approaches to support your path to healing depending on what issues need to be addressed (physical, emotional, energetic). I connect intuitively to your energy to get specific guidance on what healing methods would be most supportive for your specific needs. Since my expertise is in holistic nutrition, I can provide very detailed specifics on individualized dietary and lifestyle changes that would support your path to optimal health.

I am a professional member of the National Organization for Medical Intuition (NOMI), which means that I have been carefully vetted for being an authentic and ethical Medical Intuitive.

To hear details of some previous sessions with some of my clients, please Click Here to listen to my podcast, "Medical, Intuitively Speaking". You can also listen to the podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Player FM, Tunein Radio, Google Podcasts, and wherever podcasts are played.

I provide a free 15-minute call to see if my services are the right fit for you.

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National Organization for Medical Intuition (NOMI)