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Kim Louise, Medical Intuitive; Holistic Nutritionist As an intuitive child, I could sense the energy of people around me.  I didn’t know what to call this ability back then, but I learned later that I was a psychic empath (and a reflector in Human Design).  I also connected strongly with spirit and loved ones who had crossed over, and I received frequent downloads of information about the health of those around me.

I was always interested in the medical field and nutrition, and I had the ability to see, hear, and feel the physical, emotional, and mental health issues of others. Through years of mentorships in Mediuimship, Medical Intuition, and Energy Healing, I came to understand clearly my life’s purpose as a Medical Intuitive.

In college, I received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and a certification in Holistic Nutrition.  I’ve helped people with their health for over 25 years, and with that, I’ve gained expertise in understanding the body’s physical patterns in response to poor nutrition and physical, emotional, and energetic trauma.  Some of those physical patterns show up as digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, metabolic issues, adrenal dysfunction, blood sugar imbalances, head discomfort, cardiovascular conditions, bone density issues, skin issues, joint discomfort, muscle discomfort, vision issues, kidney issues, and irregular cell growth.

With my combined experience as a Medical Intuitive, Holistic Nutritionist, and Energy Healer, I'm able to help identify your health issues, determine their causes,  and assist you on your path to healing.

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